The curriculum is designed with understanding of the developmental needs of two year old. We believe in the concept of active learning. The activities designed by the facilitator are child chosen, child initiated, child directed and age appropriate.


Children between six to ten years are at a concrete operational stage of learning and the development of various concepts is being ensured by following hands on experience and an active learning environment. Integrated project system and activity oriented learning of languages [English and Hindi], Mathematics, Environmental Science, Computers, Hobbies, Games etc. help them to develop    individually & socially.


This is the stage of transition for the students from an absolute activity based learning environment in the Primary Section to the stage where methodology is partially CBSE directed. The students are    exposed to gaining of knowledge and development of understanding and skills necessary to interpret    experience. It provides a well structured activity and research based programme in developing    concepts, techniques and applications in various subjects including English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science,    Social Science, Sanskrit and Computer. Work Experience, Games and Hobbies are also given emphasis to    encourage exploration of values, foster imagination and develop physical and athletic skills.


The senior school follows the CBSE course of studies and the method followed is strictly according to    the CBSE guidelines.

The five compulsory subjects include English, Social Science, Science, Mathematics and Hindi and Introductory Information Technology as the sixth subject at AISSE level.

In addition to this Physical and Health Education, Art and Work Experience are also being taught as    part of the curriculum.

Subjects offered at Senior Secondary level are:

a) Functional English 
   b) Physics/Accountancy/History 
   c) Chemistry / Business Studies / Geography 
   d) Mathematics / Hindi/ Psychology 
   e) Computer Science / Economics /Biology / Physical Education / Fine Art

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