JB Montessori

JB Montessori is a play schools for 2 year olds. The session starts in July.

Dr. Maria Montessori believes that education’s foremost objective is to develop the child into a confident and healthy human adult. At this age the care giver is an assistant and aids the psychic development. The caregiver creates opportunities, encourages and manages safety.

JB Montessori provides a classroom having learning centers:-

  • Fantasy area
  • Clay area
  • Block area
  • Library area
  • Art and craft area
  • Manipulative area
  • Sensorial activities
  • Exercises of practical life area
  • The outdoor area has a tyre playground where children develop loco and non loco motor skills.


  • The facilitator is trained to understand the needs of a two year old.
  • She maintains the environment
  • Encourages the child to independently use the environment and equipment.
  • Keeps the environment safe for the child.
  • Instills interest in the child through songs,poems  and stories etc.    


The curriculum is designed with understanding of the developmental needs of two year olds. We believe in the concept of active learning. The activities designed by the facilitator are child chosen, child directed, child initiated and age appropriate.

The routine has a balance between quiet and active activities.

“We want our children to be happy, 
  To be able to express themselves freely,
  To love themselves and others around them,
  To have a passion for life, to be the best they possibly can……”

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