JB Polytechnic

JB Nursery Teachers Training

JB Nursery Teacher’s Training was established in 1998 to make quality improvement in the school education. It is an intensive one year course which gives emphasis on practical skills and developing appropriate skills and attitudes for teaching children.


After the certificate course the student teacher:

  • Will be able to understand child psychology and age appropriate practices.
  • Will have academic proficiency in teaching methodology
  • Will have skills in organization of classroom, curriculum and educational aids.
  • Will have awareness of child related problems and skills in handling them.
  • Will develop his/her personality and sensitizing.

Method of Teaching

  • All courses link theory and practice in a manner that encourages reflection.
  • The classroom teaching is interactive, participatory and experiential.


  • Ongoing evaluation by self and facilitator as well as equally spaced written and practical tests are taken in all course of study and activity. The students are counseled at individual level for improvement in their skills.
  • A certificate which include information in the courses of study and other activities is awarded at the end of the year.

Course Content

  • Principles of Education
  • Child Psychology
  • Pedagogy
  • Child care and health 
  • Methods of Teaching
  • Classroom Management and practices
  • Personality Development of teacher
  • Environment Awareness
  • Lesson Planning
  • Evaluation system of children
  • Case study
  • Computers 
  • Preparation of teaching aids
  • Practical teaching
  • Projects
  • Theatre in curriculum
  • Life skills in curriculum


Pitara is a display-cum-sale centre. The idea is to have a place where quality educational materials like books, charts, educational toys and kits from Eklavya, Bhopal as well as publishers and educational materials of selected groups(like NBT,Jodo Gyan, CLR, Tulika, A&A books, Frank toys, Edu-fun, Orient Black Swan, Kreeda toys etc) are made available to children, teachers and interested readers under one roof.

Pitara also organizes workshop, activities, discussions on educational issues or workshops for children and adults that promote culture, creativity and reading habits.

It has become hub of educational activities and interactions of the city. 


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